Research Network Sociology of the Arts; Elena Pérez won the PhD-Student Research Award 2013

Congratulations! Elena Pérez, researcher ascribed to our research group, Consumption, Markets, and Culture, Center for Studies and Research in Humanities, UAB, is the winner of the PhD-Student Research Award 2013! 


Ten PhD students who sent us abstract but finally only six were able to submit a full paper version. The jury, consisting of the board-members of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts, evaluated the papers in a blind review according to the conception, methods, references, sociological relevance and readability. Each reviewer could give up to five marks in each category, that is to say each submitted paper could get a maximum of 25 marks per reviewer. The quality of the submissions was very impressive, and four of the six submitted papers were very close in the final evaluation.

Elenas’s paper titled as “Art museum visitors: interaction strategies for sharing their experiences received an average of 23,80 marks. The jury was impressed by the quality of your paper according to letter sent by the Chair of the Research Network Sociology of the Arts – European Sociological Association (Institut für Musiksoziologie / Institute for Music Sociology Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien / University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna). 

The ‘ceremony’, that is to say, a public announcement will be during the business meeting of the research network in Turin that will be hold on Thursday 29.8.13 at 19:30-20:30