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European R users meeting (eRum)

European R users meeting (eRum) is an international conference that aims at integrating users of the R language. eRum 2016 will be a good chance to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge on R and collaborate. One can participate in eRum 2016: (1) with a regular oral presentation, (2) with a lightning talk, (3) with a poster presentation, (4) or attending without presentation or poster. Due to space available at the conference venue, organizers set limit of participants at 250.


Open submissions of abstracts    March 15, 2016
Open registration    March 15, 2016
Workshops Submissions Deadline    April 15, 2016
Abstract Submissions Deadline    June 15, 2016
Notification of Acceptance    July 1, 2016
Early Registration Deadline    July 15, 2016
Regular Registration Deadline    August 15, 2016
Workshops    October 12, 2016
Conference Start    October 13, 2016
Conference End    October 14, 2016


Workshop    When?    Enrolled    Available space (limit 25)
Warsztaty wprowadzające do R (in Polish) – Adam Dąbrowski    Morning    0    25
Predictive modeling with R – Artur Suchwałko    Morning    15    10
Data Visualization using R – Matthias Templ    Morning    10    15
R for expression profiling by Next Generation Sequencing – Paweł Łabaj    Morning    3    22
Time series forecasting with R – Adam Zagdański    Morning    5    20
Introduction to Bayesian Statistics with R and Stan – Rasmus Bååth    Afternoon    27    Reserve list
Small Area Estimation with R – Virgilio Gómez-Rubio    Afternoon    4    21
R for industry and business: Statistical tools for quality control and improvement – Emilio L. Cano    Afternoon    2    23
An introduction to changepoint models using R – Rebecca Killick    Afternoon    3    22
Visualising spatial data with R: from ‘base’ to ‘shiny’ – Robin Lovelace    Afternoon    4    21
Total        73    177

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Jornadas de investigación: Pasado, presente y futuro de los estudios de juventud

valencia2 VALENCIA1

López Sintas, Jordi (2015). Estructura social de los patrones  de ocio de los jóvenes: Prueba de las hipótesis de la edad social, el género social y el capital lingüístico. En las Jornadas de investigación: pasado, presente y futuro de los estudios de juventud. Centre Cultural La Nau de la Universitat de Valencia ( Valencia, 1y 2 de octubre de 2015

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The Society for Phenomenology and Media: 17th Annual International Conference in La Jolla, California.

López, J; García, E.& Gabriela, Ana (2015) An Emotional Roller Coaster: A Phenomenological Study of the Magic of Film.  Society for Phenomenology and Media 17th Annual International Conference. 17th Annual International Conference of the The Society for Phenomenology and Media. March 25-29, 2015. National University, 11255 N. Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California, U.S.A. 92037

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Contribution to conferences

Jordi Lopéz-Sintas, Ercilia García-Álvarez, Ana-Gabriela Hernández-López (2015). An emotional roller coaster: A phenomenological study of the magic of film. 17th Annual International Conference in San Diego, California, March 25-29, 2015.

Lordan, L; Florido, J.; Sallan, J.M.; Simo, P.; Fernandez, V.; Gonzalez- Prieto, D. (2014). Study of the robustness of the European air routes network. LISS 2014 (4th International Conference on Logistics, Infor- matics and Service Science).University of California (Berkeley, USA) 23.07.2014-25.07.2014 Texto completo (papel).

Konstantina Zerva, Peter Nijkamp, Karima Kourtit (2014). Tourists as Voyeurists: The Role of Perception and Information in the Behaviour of Visitors to Amsterdam. ERSA Congress, Regional Development and Globalization, Best practices. Sant Petersburgo (RUS) 2014.

Cuadrado M.; Filimon N.; Kerrigan F.; Montoro J. Movie theatres and barriers of attendance: an exploratory study of the Spanish cinemagoers’ segments, Bigné E. (ed.). European Marketing Academy,43rd Annual Conference: ‘Paradigm Shifts & Interactions’. Conference Proceedings, Universidad de Valencia. Valencia (ESP): Grupo Diario Imprenta, S.L., 2014. 

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