We would like to kindly remind you about our event and invite you again to check out the updated call for papers for the Qualitative Methods and Research Technologies conference, 1 – 3 August, 2016, Cracow, Poland.
The Call for papers deadline has been extended to 10 May 2016.

We welcome a broad range of papers or participation without paper.

The full list of confirmed keynote speakers for general and special keynotes is already available, including: Valerie Bentz, Antony Bryant, Michael Buchholz, Susan Danby, Nigel Fielding, Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber, Krzysztof Konecki, Anssi Peräkylå and Sheila Steinberg, There will be Meet the Author session with David Silverman.
For those interested in practicing and certification, we have planned pre-conference methodological workshops led by experts: Anssi Peräkylä (Conversation analysis), Bernt Schnettler (videography), Ulrike Kissman (videoanalysis), Gerben Moerman (interviews), Tony Bryant (GTM), and PhD Masterclass on qualitative data analysis led by David Silverman
In your spare time during and after the conference, you can take advantage of local and surrounding attractions. With its stunning architecture, impressive museums, the largest medieval market square in Europe, the Old Town and Old Jewish Quarter, myriad of cafes, bars and market stalls, on the banks of Vistula River, the UNESCO World Heritage site, Krakow, is one of the must visit destinations in Europe.

Please visit our website www.esa-cracow.pl for more information, spread the cfp among your networks and register!
On behalf of the organizing committee
Lukas Marciniak

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